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Watch Out for the Water!

Rain! helath and safety - make sure you watch out for all of the water!

Perhaps the title is a little melodramatic but today Iím not telling you about the rain. Most people are well aware of water can do, most of it is very useful, however fewer people are aware of the dangers that can lurk within water which appears to be clean. In my time I have seen many small companies overlook this potentially deadly issue, Legionella control.

Legionella control is probably amongst the most vital things that should be done by companies. Control measures include testing of water systems and planning management methods to cut bacterial populations. Legionella is often found in cooling towers, industrial air-conditioning systems, swimming pools, fountains, hot water systems, and whirlpool spas. I believe it is essential that you consult an expert to evaluate the risks of Legionella and to test your water supply. Industrial water sources are more commonly contaminated by Legionella but remember it is not limited to them.

The government have fortunately got advice and more information about the subject on the HSE Legionella page.