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Slippery When Wet!

Slippery when wet! Health and safety

In this day and age everybody knows how important it is to make sure people are aware of hazards, no I donít mean the Bon Jovi album, I am talking about the caution wet floor style signs that you see in all sorts of places. The idea is that if there is a temporary issue say after cleaning or a spill you can bring it to peoples attention so they donít step onto a wet tiled floor unaware and slip and injure themselves. Todayís blame culture has promoted their use and hopefully kept many people safe from injury but unfortunately what people donít always think about is the placing of the sign causing the sign itself to be a hazard. The signs are designed to be brightly coloured so easy to spot but in an area where it is just out of sight such as behind a door or corner means you might not see the sign until you have tripped over it, which defeats the object of placing the sign in the first place. My local swimming baths goes a bit over the top with using the signs, all around the pool they have placed the free standing signs. Now as it is a swimming pool, the surrounding area will be wet pretty much all the time people are there. The tiles surrounding the pool are the appropriate non-slip tiles so arenít any worse off when wet but if you walk around the pool you have to step over the signs which in my mind is adding trip hazards. In cases such as a swimming pool an appropriate notice on the entrance to the pool area and wall mounted notices would make much more sense. What it really comes down to is think about your problem area and choose the correct sign for the job and think about where you are placing it! Now this image is a little tongue in cheek but it amused me.