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Back in my day…

Since starting this blog I decided that I would like to know a bit more about what new technology and the Internet can help us do as after all, back in my day we didn’t have the world wide web. Yes it existed but its true potential seems to have been overlooked throughout my career. Talking to a (younger) friend of mine the other day he mentioned how businesses nowadays can keep many processes managed electronically using a quality management system. The benefits of a quality management system have been known for a long time and I have been a firm believer in proper implementation to make sure your business structure, data, processes etc are all managed correctly, particularly if you run a business that needs to comply with strict legislation. A manageable and maintainable quality management system could be hard to implement properly and wasn’t without some drawbacks but a number of drawbacks can now be managed using technology and provide scalable solutions. Just as an example, pharmaceutical manufacturing companies have to comply with some very strict legislation so it is very important they have a quality management system that is robust but also tailored to their specific requirements.